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Personalised Sales Funnel PSF™

Step 1

Our first call + Planning.

Step 4

Lead Generation.

Step 2


Step 5

Lead Conversion.

Step 3

Database Reactivation.

Step 6

Upselling, Cross-Selling, Retention, Referrals.

Our first call + Planning

  • We meet to discuss your needs
  • We write down the agreed services


  • We arrange the documentation between us

Database Reactivation

  • Reactivation of your existing client database, if available.
  • Completely free of costs method for a quick client boost and a strong start.

Lead Generation

  • A complete advertising campaign
  • Ideation, creation and management of your socials
  • Designated online sales team that recruits clients for you through selected channels

Upselling, Cross-Selling, Retention, Referrals.

  • Offering additional products and services to your customers
  • Professional management of your customers' lifetime value
  • Creation and management of referral campaigns and promotional coupons